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  报告地点:北辰校区土木与交通学院 309会议室





    徐辉,英国帝国理工学院荣誉研究员、上海交通大学航空航天学院长聘副教授。2009年获西安交通大学博士学位,2010年至2018年间分别在巴黎第六大学和英国帝国理工学院从事博士后和研究员工作。徐辉博士长期从事流体力学、应用数学和计算数学交叉领域的相关理论与应用研究。他是hp 型谱元法开源软件Nektar++的不可压缩及可压缩求解器的核心开发人员;他将高精度hp型谱元方法首次应用于重大工程需求中——设计新一代空客商用飞机机翼及罗伊斯•罗尔斯低噪声大推力航空发动机。2019 年之前,兼任罗伊斯•罗尔斯声学部门研究员。担任Journal of Hydrodynamics 编委。他的科研主要涉及湍流、层流-湍流转捩、流动控制、气动力学与气动声学、高精度数值计算、动力学理论等。他的科研工作与工程问题紧密结合,在理论与应用方面同时开展工作。其科研论文主要发表在Journal of Fluid Mechanics、Journal of Computational Physics、SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing等国际著名杂志。



    In this talk, we discuss two kinds of methods: spectral/hp element methods and lattice Boltzmann method and focus on their industrial applications. Firstly, we introduce the spectral/hp element methods in transition. Maintaining laminar flow is of increasing interest on modern aircraft as evidenced by the Boeing’s Dreamliner. Although laminar-turbulent transition in boundary layers has been a fundamental topic of aerodynamics research for a number of decades its modelling is challenging due the low level of noise required to capture and propagate the flow instabilities which are at the heart of transition. Using high fidelity modelling based around spectral/hp element framework we have undertaken a joint computational/experimental comparison of the instability caused by a small surface indentation at a Chord Reynolds number of approximately 1M. We have also explored the roles of two-dimensional indentations and protrusions and smooth forward-facing steps. The ability to use these tools in more complex geometric configuration may well open up the possibility for broader application of passive lamina flow control. Secondly, a brief introduction about lattice Boltzmann method in complex flow simulations is given with some applications. The capability of lattice Boltzmann method in turbulence and aeroacoustics will be discussed. Finally, we make a conclusion about these two methods with some perspectives.



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